The 14th Annual New York Pet Fashion Show Presented by TropiClean==
Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC==
February 9, 2017==
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About Mila

I’m a brindle teacup Yorkshire Terrier.  I’m four pounds of adorable fluff, a stuffed animal come to life, the baddest Yorkie on the planet, ruling the streets of New York City.

I’m a triple threat:  Model, actress & dancer.

I bark a lot.  I bark because I can.  I bark because I’m the boss.  I bark because I own this town.  I bark at dogs twenty times my size because I’m not afraid of anything.  I bark at pigeons because they’re rats with wings.  I bark at horses and cats and any other non-humans but I love people, especially my mom & dad, sisters & brother and my dog walker Paula.

When I walk, people stop and stare, ooh and aah and ask for pictures.  And I know how to pose.  I don’t mind the attention because I’m a diva and a bit self absorbed, but I give too.  I allow people to pet me and if I like you enough, I might lick your hand.

Sometimes on walks I stop walking, FYI.  You’re just gonna have to pick me up and carry me or we’re not going anywhere.  That’s just the way it is.  And it’s totally up to me.  My mom went to Barney’s and had Goyard customize a dog bag with my name on it and a big pair of red lips so if I feel like being carried, the whole world will know my name.  My sister Lindy is jealous that my bag cost more than hers.

I watch TV, too.  I sit real close and watch carefully and quietly until any animal appears on screen and then I totally lose my mind, barking madly until the animal disappears.  Sometimes I keep barking anyway, just in case the offender is lurking off-screen and thinking about coming back.  And sometimes I bark at people too.  No one knows why and I’m not telling.

I’m working on a book and a TV show and a film too.  I have an Instagram account, a Twitter account and a Facebook page to complement this website and keep my fans informed and entertained.

Let’s face it . I’m a star.

Who Else?

Important Family Members


Beth Shak-Leventhal


Beth Shak is an entrepreneur and philanthropist and poker player. You can find her at




Sabine Shak is my sister!